We consider our firm, Paddock Enterprises, Inc. unique in that our only discipline concerns swimming pool facilities, both new and renovation projects. Our family’s experience in swimming pool design spans three generations, creating an environment that induces improvements in design, based on evaluations and inspections of past projects and new technology.

In providing design services for municipal and other public entities over many years, we have an understanding of their special needs and an awareness of the responsibilities that city officials bear in their duties. We further have extensive experience in assisting said entities through public presentation to obtain funding and for other procedural matters. In addition, our expertise and relationships with our facilities go far beyond superior design, providing operational instructions, technical assistance and extended support.

Paddock Enterprises has put together a team of professionals to address projects. This enables us to accommodate the needs and requirements of our customers and achieve the expectations of all concerned.


The following is a list of principal individuals and their experience and discipline.

Name Present Position Experience Discipline
Donald Paddock President 30+ Years Engineering & Design
Sean Brockwell Drafting Manager 12 Years Engineering & Design
Tim Johnson Engineer 29+ Years Engineer
Kevin Galliart Architect 30+ Years Architect
Jeff Morgan Field 25+ Years Testing & Field Work
John Morgan Field 25+ Years Testing & Field Work
Stacey Paddock Secretary-Treasurer 13 Years Office
Janell Miller Office Manager / Admin Asst. 2 Years Office
Steve Jarolim Field 2 Years Testing & Field Work








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Donald Paddock
Sean Brockwell
Tim Johnson, P.E.
Kevin Galliart, NCARB
Jeff Morgan, Owner of H2O Pools
John Morgan
Steve Jarolim
Janell Miller